10 Incredible Facts about Thailand You Might not Have Known Before

There is no doubt, if you are looking for interesting facts about a particular country, then Thailand will definitely be a great place to start. Here are a couple of facts that may make you want to head off to the travel agent, because this is a

A few Thailand Travel Tips

The reason as to why many individuals chose Thailand as their favourite travel destination is mainly because of the country’s eye catching and beautiful landscape. This country is well known for its rich tradition and culture. Although the climate in Thailand is not that welcoming, still many

Best things to do in Thailand

Thailand, formerly known as Siam is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. This country has crystal blue beaches, luxury hotels, indigenous forests to explore and great cuisine to tempt tourists’ palates. Basically Thailand has something for everyone who loves to have a good time. Though this

Top 5 Thailand Attractions

Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand attracts many tourists from all over the world. Often considered as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the region, the country boasts of excellent climatic conditions as well as extensive forests and coastline. The combination of stunning nature,

A Brief History of Thailand for the Benefit of Modern Day Travellers

Travellers to Thailand may be interested to learn more about the history of Thailand. Apparently, the Thais originally migrated from Southern China into mainland Southeast Asia during the early part of the Christian era. At that stage they formed a number of cities in places like Chiang